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Building Your Own Quote

This is the pricing guide I follow to provide an estimate.  A complete thorough inspection and report is always recommended over a consultation or targeted inspection, but I am happy to provide the service that best fits your needs.  Keep in mind that targeted services have a $100 minimum trip charge.  Please add up all the items below that apply to your specific property to get an estimate of costs.  Please include these details in your contact inquiry when scheduling your inspection, consultation, or testing.

Base Price

Inspection Base Price 2000'

Up to a 2000 square foot structure with an attached garage, a crawlspace, and an attic space.  This is for a Complete Inspection, Pre-Listing Inspection, 11 Month Warranty Inspection, and all include a written report with pictures and videos.




Inspection Consultation


An Inspection Consultation typically takes place Pre-Offer during a showing appointment, is limited to 1-2 hours, and consists of inspecting the roof, attic, crawlspace, water heater, electrical panel, and HVAC equipment. A consultation takes the place of a written report, and prices/items inspected are customizable.

Targeted/Follow-Up Inspection

Targeted or Follow-Up Inspections of specific item(s) as requested.  A miniature written report may or may not be included at your request.  Pricing will vary depending on the number of items inspected.

$100 & Up

Additional square feet

Additional 100'

Minimum additional charge for each 100 ​square feet over the 2000 square foot base price​



Detached Structures

Detached Structures

Minimum additional charge for each detached structure to be inspected on the property


Attic Inspections

Attic Inspections

Additional charge for each additional attic space to be inspected (some properties have multiple attics)



Crawlspace Inspections

Additional charge for each additional crawlspace inspection (some properties have multiple crawlspaces)


Water testing

Water Purity & Hardness Testing

No additional charge, water purity testing is Included with every inspection, and I typically test for hardness on homes with well systems


Combustibile Gas Detecting

Combustible Gas Testing

No additional charge, combustible gas readings will be taken if requested or a noticeable smell of combustible gas is observed


Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

No additional charge, thermal images will be taken if requested or noticeable areas of heat loss and/or water damage are observed


Moisture testing

Moisture Testing

No additional charge, moisture readings will be taken if requested or noticeable areas of water damage are observed


Pricing May Vary

Prices May Vary

Due to the location, type of property, age, condition, occupancy, targeted inspection or added service to an inspection, and usage of main or detached structures


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